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Activity Jul 21 – Jul 23 800 yuan

Depth Movement & Flying Low Dance Workshop


Depth Movement is an intense group dynamic class directed by two professional dancer Edivaldo Emesto and Judith Sânchez Ruíz. They have rich stage experience in contemporary dance all over the world. The workshop is about energy, constantly challenging your limits. Understanding what defines you as a dancer and pushing those boundaries over and over again. Let the environment influence your dancing skills, refine tools to create new movement and new rhythms.

Teachers' intro:
1. Edivaldo Emesto: dancer, teacher, choreographer, improvisation expert. Used to be a professional dancer in Sasha Waltz & Guests company. He’s born with perfect sense of rhythm as a descendant of Mozambique. And he embraces the African dancing style into his work. He performances, improvisations and teaches Flying Low with David Zambrano. Collaborates with Judith Sánchez Ruiz in many workshops.
2. Judith Sânchez Ruíz: Choreographer, improviser and teacher based in New York since 1999 and relocated to Berlin in 2011. Worked with Trisha Brown Dance Company, David Zambrano, DD Dorvillier, Deborah Hay, Sasha Waltz & Guest among others. Her works have been presented internationally in theaters, festivals, museums and galleries. She regularly teaches workshops throughout Europe and the US.

Threshhold Classes (入门班): 2017/7/21, 19:00-21:30;2017/7/22, 14:30-18:00
Professional Classes (舞者班): 2017/7/21-23, 9:30-12:45

Early bird (before July 19): 580 yuan all classes
Single calss: 300yuan

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Wuyan Wuyu Dance • 10 Naijiawan Lu (inside the Naijiawan Modern Art Center)