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GoKunming Weekend Preview

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Friday: Live Jazz at 1895 Movie Bar
Pianist James and vocalist Rebecca of Kunming Social Club will be performing jazz standards tonight at the 1895 Movie Bar just outside the Kundu Night Market. Music starts at 10:30, entry is free.

Friday: Mad Hatter's Tea Party at Uprock
Uprock will be holding a Mad Hatter-themed tea party featuring DJ Micro Gram and shots of "tea" for 10 yuan each or three for 25 yuan. Prior to the party, from 8:00 to 10:00, there will be surrealist body painting and selected drinks will be half off. Entry is free.

Saturday: Movie Night at TCG Nordica
Saturday night at TCG Nordica Mr Xie will show the classic black and white comedy La Grande Vadrouille with an old movie projector. The film starts at 7 pm, entry is free.

Saturday: Acoustic music at 1895 Movie Bar
Fillmore, made up of Eddy (guitar and vocals, Netherlands), Roeland (guitar and piano, Netherlands) and Philippe (drum and vocals, France) will perform their set of acoustic songs Saturday night beginning at 10:30. Entry is free.

Saturday: Uprock DJ School Graduation party
Uprock will be hosting a graduation party for its DJ school's first group of graduates on Saturday night. DJ Vital, DJ Kamasuka and DJ ?? will be playing a mix of hiphop, house, club, techno and electro beginning from 10 pm. Entry is free.

Sunday: International Music Day at Uprock
Uprock will be celebrating International Music Day out on its terrace on Sunday with an outdoor concert and cookout featuring Western- and Chinese-style barbecue. Music and grub start at 4 pm, selected drinks will be half price. Entry is free.

Sunday: Live blues at 1895 Movie Bar
Tommy Nitro from Oakland will be singing the blues at the 1895 Movie Bar on Sunday night. Tommy will start playing at 9:30 and will switch between the piano and his guitar. Entry is free.

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