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Twin expos generate $2 billion, record international involvement

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The 17th Kunming Fair and 2nd South Asian Commodities Expo wrapped up yesterday after five days, during which more than US$2 billion in trade was generated, according to local media reports citing fair statistics.

Of the money spent at this year's "twin expos", US$1.08 billion was in import-export sales, with the remaining US$920 million consisting of the value of contracted deals involving foreign investment and US$71 million in economic and technical cooperation agreements.

International involvement in the yearly trade expos reached an all-time high, with non-mainland enterprises accounting for 26.2 percent of the expos' 612 exhibitors. Of the international participants involved, Southeast Asia and South Asia were the most heavily represented regions.

Breaking down the import and export figures, Hong Kong/Macau/Taiwan, Japan, India, Myanmar and Vietnam were the top destinations for exported goods. Chemical fertilizer, silver, wild mushrooms, shelled nuts and legumes and machinery equipment.

HK/Macau/Taiwan was also the top source of imported goods sold at the expos, followed by Singapore and India. Chemical products, electronic goods and raw materials were the main imported goods.

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