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Yunfest documentary festival to return to Kunming this month

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The Yunnan Multi Culture Visual Festival, aka Yunfest, is returning to Kunming this month for its fourth installment. The biennial documentary festival, which has been running since 2003, will be held at the Yunnan Provincial Library March 21-27.

This year's edition of Yunfest will feature more than 50 documentaries from around China and Southeast Asia, a young filmmakers showcase, a retrospective on award-winning Israeli filmmaker Ron Havilio and a competition segment.

NGO projects and initiatives in southwest China will also be highlighted in Yunfest's Participatory Visual Education segment, in which local communities become involved in the filmmaking process.

Yunfest's website contains a preview of documentaries which will be in competition this year, plus a schedule of films and activities. Both are only in Chinese at the moment – GoKunming has been told that the Yunfest website's English content will be updated before the end of this week.

In addition to documentaries, Yunfest will also feature audience discussions and forums on filmmaking techniques.

In 2007 Yunfest was held as a traveling documentary festival in Shanghai, this year will be the first time in four years that it will be held in Kunming. For an idea of what to expect, check out GoKunming's review of Yunfest 2005.

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