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Yunnan University opens Confucius Institute in Iran

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Iran's first Confucius Institute, co-founded by Yunnan University and the University of Tehran, officially opened in Tehran on Monday.

Yunnan University president He Tianchun (何天淳) and University of Tehran president Farhad Rahbar cut the ribbon at the new Tehran institute, located in the university's Faculty of Foreign languages. Yunnan University is one of the only Chinese universities with an Iranian studies department.

The ceremony was also attended by China's ambassador to Iran, Xie Xiaoyan (解晓岩), who spoke at the ceremony and encouraged more exchanges between the people of China and Iran.

As an organization aimed at increasing knowledge of Chinese language and culture worldwide since 2004, the Confucius Institute is often compared to Germany's Goethe-Institut and the UK's British Council.

Unlike the Goethe-Institut and British Council, the Confucius Institute operates within partner universities – an arrangement which its critics claim can influence what is taught – or omitted – in the classroom.

There are 250 Confucius Institutes worldwide in 79 countries. The Tehran Confucius Institute will start with 57 students in four Chinese-language classes.

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I think that this is a wonderful friendship project. A similar US project would be even better, perhaps President Obama will suggest something when he goes to visit. And I wonder if the British Council have an office in Iran?

I guess that what I'm saying is (between the lines) that there aren't any nuclear bombs in Iran until I actually see them.


'I guess that what I'm saying is (between the lines) that there aren't any nuclear bombs in Iran until I actually see them.'

The 'between the lines' statement makes this comment utterly confusing. What has Yunnan University Confucius institute in Iran got to do with non existent nuclear bombs?

Why do comments have to be written like cryptic crossword clues. Just say what you want to say simply and clearly!

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