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This weekend around Kunming

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Friday: Legopulver at Halfway House
Norwegian jazz/rock band Legopulver will play its first of two Kunming gigs this weekend at Halfway House tonight at 9:00. The band consists of guitar, bass and drums. Entry is free.

Friday: Sam's Birthday Masquerade at Speakeasy Bar
Sam Debell of Speakeasy Bar will be celebrating his birthday tonight with a masquerade party and cheap 10 kuai glasses of Jagermeister. Music will be provided by DJs Martin, Jon and Christian.

Saturday: Union Music Festival in Tuanjie Village
A music festival highlighting local rock and hiphop is scheduled to take place from 1 to 11 pm on Saturday, featuring some of Kunming's biggest local acts including Noise Addiction, Tribal Moons, No Answer (打死我也不说), Dark Cosmos (黑宇), Triatic (恶性循环) and Broken String (断弦).

Our info about this event is limited, but we do know the organizers intend on holding it at the Tuanjie Village Bai Leisure Garden (团结乡白族休闲园) a bit more than 20 km northwest of Kunming. To get to Tuanjie Village, take the road to the Bamboo Temple until getting to the Tuanjie Village (团结乡), where a right turn takes you straight there - look for the three Bai-style white pagodas.

Saturday: Legopulver at TCG Nordica
Legopulver will play its second show in Kunming at the spacious gallery of TCG Nordica on Saturday night. Admission to the 8 pm show is 30 yuan for adults, 15 yuan for students and 10 yuan for children.

Saturday: Yunnan-Vietnam Female Artists Exchange at Yunart Gallery
Yunart Gallery will host an opening for its new exhibition "In the course of our contacts..." which highlights the works of female artists from Yunnan and Vietnam on Saturday night, beginning at 8:00. Entry to the opening is free.

Saturday: The Hump Bar's 8th Birthday Celebration
The Hump Bar is celebrating its 8th birthday on Saturday night with free buffet and beer from 7 to 9 pm. After mealtime the bar will be throwing an Afro-Latin dance party until morning.

Monday: P.K.14 at Speakeasy Bar
P.K.14 one of the better-known 'it' bands in the Beijing rock scene at the moment, will play Speakeasy Bar on Monday night for the Kunming stop on its national tour. Entry to the 10 pm show is 30 yuan.

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