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Beijing booty: China leads with 39 gold medals

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After winning one gold medal and six total medals on Saturday and then seven golds and 14 total medals on Sunday, China is making a serious run at coming out of the Beijing games with the most gold and most medals overall.

As of 11:00 pm Beijing time on Monday, China leads the Olympic gold quest with 39 gold medals, 17 more than Team USA's 22. In terms of overall medals, China trails the US by five, with the Americans taking 72 compared to China's 67.

China won four more gold medals today, plus a silver and a bronze, but all the talk was about the medal that China was hoping to win more than any other – the men's 110 meter hurdles. As reported here and across global media, Chinese hurdler Liu Xiang has withdrawn from the event in which he won gold during the Athens games four years ago.

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