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Earthquake benefit raises more than 10,000 yuan

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Despite being held on a rainy Sunday evening with little notice, last night's Wenchuan earthquake benefit at Speakeasy Bar succeeded in raising 10,987 yuan (see above image) for the Chinese Red Cross and its efforts in the disaster zone.

GoKunming would like to thank Speakeasy Bar for co-organizing and hosting the event – we also thank the talented musicians who gave their talents and efforts to the cause: Zhu Xiaolong, Eddie, Nicole, JP, Nevada Lundemo, Kat and Colin, Fang band, Synthatron, Co Op Sol, Li Fan and People's Rhythm. Special thanks also to Kris Ariel, who did double duty as a host of the event and a performer. We are also grateful to the Red Cross representatives who stayed on until late in the evening.

Most importantly, GoKunming would like to thank everyone who showed up and donated what they could to assist in the recovery effort in Sichuan. Further donations to the Red Cross can be made here. For those that like to spread their donations around, the Chengdu Bookworm has outlined some very concrete needs of the recovery effort. See comments (below) for more.

Today at 2:28 the government is asking people to fall silent as car, train and ship horns as well as air raid sirens sound in memory of the earthquake, which took place at 2:28 one week ago today.

The Wenchuan earthquake, which China has recently revised to an 8.0 magnitude tremor, has killed an estimated 50,000 people, with thousands still missing beneath rubble.

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from the Bookworm:


It's been a devastating week here for people in Sichuan, but the authorities, the NGOs and the local community are doing an absolutely incredible job

The Bookworm is focusing on 3 projects involving essential items that are needed NOW.

Contact the Chengdu Bookworm on 028 85520177, pop in and donate.

500 camp beds required for surviving schoolchildren to be accommodated in Chengdu, as well as basic necessities for each child.
Donation requested for each child is 300 rmb (for bed and basic necessities)
Total requested: 150,000 rmb

300 tents required for a tent village in DuJiangYan (devastated town near the epicentre)
These are high quality large tents, each for 8 people.
Cost of one 8-person tent is 780 rmb.
Please do not donate, for this project, the normal small bubble tents.
Total requested: 234,000 rmb
Bring/send cash to the Bookworm

600 pairs of plastic/rubber gloves are urgently required by medical staff. Disinfection solution and powder is also required.
Total requested: 10,000 rmb

The Bookworm is coordinating these urgent projects now, in touch with suppliers and ready to help.
The money is needed NOW.
Please donate as much as you can. It will ALL be directed to these urgent projects.

Contact the Chengdu Bookworm on 028 85520177, pop in and donate.
Volunteers - with specialist skills and/or vehicles
If you have any relevant specialist skills which may be of help, or if you can make cars or other vehicles available, contact the Bookworm.

If you know of anyone travelling in Sichuan (or other parts of China) and have reason to believe that they may not have been in touch with their families or friends since Monday, please contact the relevant Consulate.

British Consulate Rapid Deployment Team contact number: 028 86786666 x8318 or x 8319.
If you do not have your consulate's contact number, please call the Bookworm on 028 85520177



Below is a list from the Red Cross of urgently needed medications:

1. Thimerosal for injury 外伤消毒液
2. Liquid bag for injection 输液袋
3. operating instrument set 手术包
4. surgical operation apparatus 手术器械
5. Adrenaline injection 肾上腺注射液
6. tetanus infection medicine for injection 破伤风针剂
7. Thimerosal to prevent prague 预防瘟疫的消毒液

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