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Guangzhou folk musician Ye Lang to perform tonight

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Kunming will be host to a performance tonight by Guangzhou folk musician Ye Lang, the most recent performer in a wave of neo-folk artists from China's coast to pass through town.

Guangxi native Ye Lang, who has been performing in Guangzhou for the last ten years – both solo and with his band Southern Barbarian - is considered one of the top three folk musicians in Guangzhou. Often characterized as melancholic, Ye Lang's songs feature traditional folk guitar as well as harmonica, bawu and other instruments – even the occasional throat-singing session.

Ye Lang is already a veteran of China's nascent festival scene, he has performed at the Beijing Midi Music Festival, the Dashanzi Neofolk Music Festival (part of the Beijing Dangdai International Art Festival) and other events in the country's coastal cities. Click here for a short video clip of Ye Lang at the Midi Music Festival.

Ye Lang plays tonight at Halfway House at 9:00. Admission is 10 yuan.

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