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Christmas events around Kunming

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Despite being an officially communist country, China has quickly taken to Christmas over the last decade. This is due to a variety of factors including a significant increase in the number of Christians in the country, as well as large numbers of people enjoying the holiday for primarily consumer-related reasons. This year there will be a variety of Christmas-related activities across Kunming, here's a sampling of what's going on over the coming two weeks:

KIA Christmas Performance
Kunming International Academy will stage its annual Christmas performance featuring KIA students singing traditional Christmas songs tomorrow and Friday night. The 7:00 performance will be held at the HNA Hotel at the intersection of Huancheng Xi Lu and Xiba Lu. Tickets for the performance are 20 yuan – call 4126887 for more information.

Lucia buffet at TC/G Nordica
TC/G Nordica will celebrate Lucia, the Scandinavian celebration of the festival of Santa Lucia this coming Friday and Saturday with a buffet and concert both nights. The buffet begins at 6:00 pm and will be followed by a Lucia concert at 8:00. Admission to the buffet is 50 yuan, those who only attend the concert will be charged 25 yuan – 65 yuan gets you entrance to both events. For more information, call 4114691 or 4114692.

Christmas Party at Laowo Bar
The only full-on Christmas party we've heard of so far wil take place on Saturday the 22nd at the Laowo Bar, located across from the main gate of the Yunnan Art Institute (云南艺术学院). Beginning at 9:00 pm the party will feature performances by the Quebec Redneck Bluegrass Project, Brain Concussion, Rap Republic and Tribal Moons, all of which will be followed by two late-night DJs. Admission to the party is 20 yuan.

Christmas Eve at Green Lake Hotel
Green Lake Hotel will be hosting multiple Christmas events beginning at 6:45 on the 24th (Christmas Eve). A special holiday menu will be on offer at the hotel's Belvedere restaurant for 518 yuan plus 15 percent service charge. There will also be dinner in the hotel's ballroom with performances by ballet dancers, singers and more, with tickets ranging from 988 to 1,288 yuan plus 15 percent service charge. For more information call 515888 extension 8670 or 8112.


Thai restaurant Moonlight Corner will hold Christmas parties on the 24th and 25th featuring an international buffet and seafood barbecue beginning at 6 pm, a live band, games and a lucky draw with special gifts from the restaurant. Admission is 158 yuan/person or 128 yuan/person for reservations made before the 20th. For reservations and more info, call 5013125 or 13013325447.

Speakeasy Bar will be throwing a Christmas party on the 24th, no other details are available at the moment.

Editor's note: We are aware that many local businesses are still finalizing their Christmas event/promotion plans, please feel free to announce any additional events in the comments section of this post. Thank you.

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