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Snapshot: Australian Consul General visits Yunnan

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Last Wednesday, May 27, Australian Consul-General Mr Christopher Lim graced Kunming with a visit. CloudBridge, the parent company of GoKunming, organized a meet-up with the Kunming international business community, hosted by Sofitel and generously sponsored by the Australian Consulate in Chengdu.

The consul's visit was part of a whistlestop tour of Yunnan — the first since measurements because of the virus situation were eased. Mr Lim called on the Guandu District Mayor, Parkson and the Fred Hollows Foundation in Kunming, the Linden Centre in Xizhou and Australian-owned Jade Emu guesthouse in Dali.

At the meet-up —attended by about 25 local entrepreneurs — he gave a speech that outlined his vision for business recovery in Southwest China after the Covid-19 epidemic. In this interview, we captured some key points from his presentation.

After the talk, there was ample opportunity to ask questions.

Attendees mingled and chatted for a good while afterwards. As a memorable finish to the evening, the Australians present started the 'Aussies in Yunnan' WeChat group, including Mr Lim as their government representative in southwest China.

The Consul-General regularly updates a blog and this post contains some of his reflections on post-Covid-19 life in China and beyond.

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