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BigScreen 2007 Winners Announced

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Saturday night the winning films from BigScreen 2007 were announced by a jury composed of Marco Ceresa of the Venice Film Festival, screenwriter Wang Yao and Jeremy Goldkorn, founder of the highly influential Danwei.org.

Winners included Hong Kong director Yan Yan Mak's The Scarlet Robe for best long film, Vecchio e la Fontana by Tony Palazzo of Italy for best short film, Living in a Perfect World by Italians Diego D'Innocenzo and Marco Leopardi for best documentary and Almost Like One of the Family by Astrid Goransson of Sweden for best animation.

Four films by French director Jean-Gabriel Périot - Even if she had been a criminal, Dies Irae, Under Twilight and Nijuman No Borei were collectively honored as the best entries in the videoart and experimental films category. The jurors said they based their selections upon the theme of modernity vs tradition, which was a common thread in all the winning films.

GoKunming congratulates Yan Yan Mak (麦婉欣) - who was in attendance at the festival - and all other winning filmmakers. We also thank our expert jury, event co-organizers CinaOggi.it, musical guests Tujiko Noriko, Rap Republic and Yuansheng Studio and of course everyone who stopped by for the 94 films and three concerts we took in over the past five days.

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