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Tujiko Noriko, Rap Republic and Yuansheng Studio to play BigScreen 2007

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In addition to its focus on films from around the world, BigScreen 2007 will also feature an eclectic mix of live musical performances. Japanese chanteuse Tujiko Noriko, bilingual hiphop duo Rap Republic and the ethnic minority performers of Yuansheng Studio will give free evening performances during the festival that are not to be missed. Here's a little more about the musicians that will perform at BigScreen 2007:

Yuansheng Studio – Wednesday

Yunnan Yuansheng Indigenous Music and Dance Studio is at the forefront of promoting the music and dance traditions of Yunnan to audiences in Kunming and beyond. Founded in 2004 by Yunnan TV documentary director Liu Xiaojin, Yuansheng Studio opened its first dedicated space this past January. Prior to moving into its location within The Loft art compound on Xiba Lu, the studio and its performers spent the previous few years performing and practicing where they could.

Their hard work has paid off. In addition to performing throughout China, Yuansheng performers have traveled to Europe, Singapore, Canada and the United States – where they performed in Washington DC's Kennedy Center. The Bai, Yi and Wa performers of Yuansheng are some of the last living links to music and dance traditions that stretch back for centuries.

Yuansheng Studio's performers will take the stage at BigScreen's opening ceremony at 11 pm Wednesday night.

Video: Yuansheng Studio – Sounds of the Yunnan Countryside

Rap Republic – Thursday

说唱共和国) was founded this spring by MC/producer and Kunming native">353Tang Renti/en/blog/item/156/Mike Wind#http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendID=55772560#. In the few months since the founding of the Republic, the duo has rapidly emerged as one of Kunming's most intelligent and energizing acts.

Rap Republic shows rely on bass-heavy smoky beats, slick flows and expertly choreographed lyrical interplay. Tang and Mike have already begun to generate a buzz: the group's performance was one of the highlights of the recent Kunming Outdoor Music Festival and an interview with Tang was featured in a recent story about Kunming in the New York Times.

Rap Republic will play at BigScreen at 11 pm Thursday night.

Tujiko Noriko – Saturday

Featuring light vocals and music that swings from the ethereal to the dark, Japanese avant-pop songstress Tujiko Noriko is one of the more interesting female musicians to emerge in recent years. Since 2000 Tujiko has spent much of her career working with obscure artists and releasing unique and unusual albums. Born in Osaka and now residing in Paris, Tujiko's newest release, Solo, has been garnering rave reviews since hitting stores in February of this year.

Descriptions of Tujiko's music as experimental, electronic, glitch-pop and other catchy modifiers belie the fact that her music is different enough from the rest to almost justify her own category.

Tujiko Noriko will perform at 11 pm on Saturday night to close BigScreen 2007.

Video: Tujiko Noriko – Fly

UPDATE: Performances by Yuansheng Studio, Rap Republic and Tojiko Noriko have all been moved to 8 pm on their respective evenings.

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