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Live Hiphop Friday night at Halfway House

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说唱共和国)will bring its smoky grooves and bilingual flows to the Halfway House Friday night, in a special back-to-school show that will also serve as a sendoff to Rap Republican Tang Renti, who will perform next week in an installation at the">295Lyon Biennial#/en/blog/item/365/# in France.

Tang and MC Mike Wind told GoKunming that the finishing touches are being put on the group's first demo CD, which should be available at the show. For a preview of some of the songs on the upcoming demo, check out Tang Renti's DIY Music page.

The free show starts at 10 at the Halfway House, located at the always-dangerous intersection of Dongfeng Xi Lu and Kunshi Lu.

Halfway House
Intersection of Dongfeng Xi Lu and Kunshi Lu
Tel: 5352702

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