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Yunnan novel and album to debut at Lyon Biennial

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Yunnan's journey from obscurity into the planet's collective consciousness will take another step forward at this year's Lyon Biennial in Lyon, France, which will feature a Yunnan-related installation by Beijing-based artist Cao Fei (曹斐).

At this year's Biennial, whose theme is "00s - The history of a decade that has not yet been named", Guangzhou native Cao will be unveiling her new novel (see cover image above) plus an album of the same name featuring a collaboration between Kunming rapper Tang Renti (唐人踢)and Guangzhou-based rapper/producer A Long (阿龙).

Cao told GoKunming that her installation/double-premiere will feature a film she shot around the Nu River (怒江) in Yunnan. The film focuses on personal beliefs and will be shown in a large tent, which she says will serve as a kind of 'nomad church' - as well as the performance area for Tang Renti and A Long when the installation opens in Lyon on September 12.

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