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Kunming to host international film festival

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From November 27 to December 1 of this year Kunming will host its first international film festival - BigScreen Festival 2007 - further cementing its reputation as one of China's most cultured and interesting cities.

After last year's successful BigScreen Italia festival - which highlighted Chinese and Italian cinema for three days in Kunming during the year of Italy in China - BigScreen is back this year as a full-on international film festival celebrating films and short videos from China and around the world.

Last year's incarnation of BigScreen featured acclaimed directors Wang Xiaoshuai and Jia Zhangke (who shortly afterward won the Golden Lion for best film at the Venice Film Festival) and garnered a significant amount of media attention in China and Italy.

This year BigScreen will feature five days of film and photography competitions and exhibitions, Chinese and international musical performers, special guests and some surprises. Organized by CinaOggi and GoKunming and hosted by the Yunnan Art Institute, BigScreen Festival 2007 is now accepting film and photo submissions.

Directors, photographers and all other interested parties can learn more about BigScreen Festival 2007 at the official festival website. Watch this space for BigScreen Festival news and updates and don't hesitate to contact us to find out how your company or organization can sponsor this major cultural event.

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