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Kunming to host Environmental Protection and Renewable Energy Expo

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The Yunnan Environmental Protection Bureau has announced that Kunming will be the host city for the China Environmental Protection and Renewable Energy Exposition this year, with the expo scheduled to run from December 6th to 8th.

There has been a noticeable increase in government focus on environmental issues in Kunming this year. This month the results of a government-sponsored environmental survey of Kunming and surrounding areas were released, with all indications showing a greater desire by Kunming residents for a cleaner environment.

Yesterday at a meeting by the Kunming Environmental Protection Bureau, Kunming Municipal Committee Secretary Yang Chongyong put it bluntly: "If the environment is destroyed, we will become criminals of history. If the environment is not protected, we will pay a massive price."

According to an official press release, December's expo will focus on raising public awareness about environmental protection, conservation and green technologies and consumption habits. The expo will also promote green building, renewable energy, clean transportation, industrial best practices, recycling technology and biodegradable products.

The expo will be held at the Kunming International Convention and Exhibition Center at 289 Chuncheng Lu. For more details, contact Stephen at 86-871-3155518 or visit the expo's office at the Zhiyuan Building, 389 Qingnian Lu, 14/F, B-2.

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