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New highway brings Qujing closer to Kunming

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National Highway 320 reopened yesterday, bringing Kunming closer to Yunnan's second largest city, Qujing, which is now just over an hour's drive away, almost half the previous travel time. The renovation, which took two years and 3 billion yuan to finish, comes a few months after the completion of a new highway shortening the drive from Kunming to Dali to under four hours.

The four-lane, 76-kilometer Kunming-Qujing Highway (昆曲公路) is expected to greatly improve the economic prospects for Qujing, which has a population of 5.4 million and is already one of the richer cities in China in terms of per capita purchasing power parity. Qujing's tourism sector will likely receive a big boost from easier access to visitors coming from Kunming to scenic areas around the city such as Luoping. At present, tobacco, automobiles, power generation and chemical engineering are pillar industries in Qujing.

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