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Best of Kunming 2012 reader nominations

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The year is nearly at its end, which means it's time once again to start the nomination process for GoKunming's annual Best of Kunming reader survey.

Below are initial nominees for Kunming's top establishments for food, drink and entertainment, as selected by GoKunming's editorial board. Voting for the winners will start in a few weeks, but first we would like to take this chance to solicit more nominations from GoKunming readers.

To nominate any of your favorite places that we may have omitted, please send us your nominee's contact information if it is not in our listings. Also include the categories for which you are nominating them. Submissions may be made via our contact form.

See last year's winners here.

Food: Best Chinese Cuisine

1910 La Gare du Sud
Camel Restaurant
Chongqing Cygnet Hotpot
Haigeng Wenxin Restaurant
Jiayan Restaurant
Nianlun (Kundu)
Shiping Huiguan
Tusheng Shiguan
Xiangli Renjia

Food: Best International Cuisine

As You Like
Cacaja Indian Restaurant
French Café
Moonlight Corner (Green Lake)
Lost Garden Guesthouse & Restaurant
Pizza da Rocco
Raindrops Café
Salvador's Coffee House
Slice of Heaven
Wicker Basket (Beichen)

Food: Best Ethnic Minority Cuisine

Aini Fanzhuang (Aini)
Daiyunfang (Dai)
Dehong Ruanjia Dai Restaurant (Dai)
Lahu Jiujia (Lahu)
Laodianmian 320 Daiwei Canba (Dai)
Makye Ame (Tibetan)
Mangshi Dai Wei (Dai)
Qingzhen Zhuyuan Mulsim Restaurant (Hui)
Simao Yecai Guan (Hani, Wa)
Xinjiang Tianshan Muslim Restaurant (Uighur)
Yingjiang Dai Restaurant (Dai)
Yiyuan Nongjiacai (Yi)

Food: Best Fine Dining

1910 La Gare du Sud
Cacao Mexican Restaurant
Flying Tigers Restaurant
Jiayan Restaurant
Moonlight Corner (Green Lake)
My Favor Restaurant
Panlong 17

Food: Best New Restaurant

Alei Lounge Club & Tapas Bar
O'Reilly's Irish Pub
Tusheng Shiguan

Drink: Best Café

As You Like
Coffee Break
Dune Cafe
French Café
Guangzong No. 3 Cafe
Mazagran Café
Prague Café (Beichen)
Salvador's Coffee House

Drink: Best Bar

Alei Lounge Club & Tapas Bar
Camel Bar
Chapter One
Dune Cafe
Halfway House
O'Reilly's Irish Pub
The Club
The Mask
Mu Yu Studio
Wenlin Memento
YMCA Club 1933

Entertainment: Best Live Music Venue

Camel Bar
Laowo Bar
TCG Nordica
The Mask
Wenlin Memento

Entertainment: Best Night Club

The Club

Lodging: Best Hotel

Empark Grand Hotel
Grand Park Hotel
Golden Eagle Summit Hotel
Green Lake Hotel
Howard Johnson Tropical Garden Plaza
Wyndham Grand Plaza Royale Colorful Yunnan

Lodging: Best Guesthouse

Cloudland International Youth Hostel
Kunming Youth Hostel
Lost Garden Guesthouse & Restaurant
The Hump
The Nest
Upland International Youth Hostel

Editor's note: Please bear in mind that nominations for any one establishment will be capped at two categories, with the choice given to the venue owner for which categories he or she would like to compete.

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