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China, India to initiate educational exchange

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Yunnan University and Mumbai University have reached an agreement to begin educational exchanges aimed at improving relations between the two Asian countries, according to Indian media reports.

Under the agreement between the schools, Yunnan University will begin offering courses in September that are expected to include subjects such as Indian history, Buddhism, Indian philosophy, Sanskrit and Hindi. Professors and experts from India will teach the courses in Yunnan. Indian software experts will also help Yunnan University establish a software institute.

As part of the exchange, Chinese professors and experts will go to India to teach courses related to Chinese culture and history. A tentative course list includes Chinese language, Taoism and Chinese philosophy.

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India and China were the biggest and the best friends centuries ago (India's influence spread through Buddhism and mathematics in China). Why should not they forget their misunderstandings in the past? Why cant these giants work together for a common cause of world peace? Together they represent almost 40% of humanity in the world ! The chance is now to unite together and make this an "Asian Century" Hail India-China friendship ! Naveen Raju, India

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