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Giveaway: Stone Forest tour

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The Stone Forest (石林) is one of the largest Karst rock formations in the world. It also makes up the western edge of the South China Karst UNESCO World Heritage site and has become a major destination for domestic and foreign tourists. In the first five months of 2012, 1.35 million people have visited the site, located 120 kilometers east of Kunming.

GoKunming and Wonders of Yunnan Travel are giving away two spots on a join-in-group-tour of the Stone Forest.

Winners will receive round trip transportation to the Stone Forest as well as entrance tickets, cable cart tickets, a tasty local lunch and an English-speaking assistant. Once there the assistent will explain the geology and history of the 270 million year old rock formations.

Lunch will be served after the tour and then winners will participate in a traditional tea ceremony and learn about China's little known Southern Silk Road.

Tours run every Tuesday and Friday and the winner will be able to choose a day in July that is convenient for them. This travel package usually costs 550 yuan but will be free to the lucky entrant who submits the best answers to the following questions:

What travel destination in Yunnan should Wonders of Yunnan focus on next? Explain why this place should be added to their list of tours. Entries can be creative and you can use pictures, photos, stories, videos or anything else that motivates your suggested addition.

When will the Torch Festival be held this year?

Answers must be sent through the GoKunming contact form and include your name and phone number. The winner will be announced in the comments section below.

Good luck!

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We have a winner for the Stone Forest tour giveaway. Congratulations to Carl Jaramillo, who will go on an all-inclusive tour to one of Yunnan's most famous natural attractions.

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