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National Disabled Games to open in Kunming tomorrow

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The opening ceremony for China's Seventh National Disabled Games will take place tomorrow at the New Asia Stadium, commencing nine days of competition by China's top handicapped athletes.

Propaganda banners hailing the event - which is being promoted as a test run for the 2008 Paralympics - are all over Kunming, but it's not so clear where the events will be held. Here are some of the venues and events planned for this year's games:

New Asia Gymnasium a massive new complex in the south of the Xishan district will host track and field, weightlifting and basketball events.

Yunnan Normal University will host blind football (soccer), volleyball and other events.

Kunming Municipal Stadium on Huancheng Xi Lu will host deaf football (soccer), croquet and other events.

The city of Yuxi, about two hours south of Kunming, will host badminton and pingpong competition. For event schedules and other information about this year's National Disabled Games, call 5122833 or 5154769.

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