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Ticket Giveaway: Red Light Revolution

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This Saturday, November 26, off-the-beaten-path bar On the Way will hold two screenings of the Beijing sex shop comedy Red Light Revolution (红灯梦), which has won awards at film festivals in Singapore, Los Angeles and Sao Paulo, among other places.

Not only will attendees have the chance to meet the film's producer and director, but a limited number of early arrivals will receive free sex toys.

There will be an early screening at 3pm and a later screening at 8pm – both screenings will be in Mandarin with English subtitles.

Tickets are 25 yuan at the door, but the screenings' organizers were kind enough to provide us with two passes for either of Saturday's screenings to give away to one of our readers.

How to win? Just use our contact form to send us your full name and phone number plus the answer to this question:

Red Light Revolution's Chinese name is Hongdengmeng (红灯梦). What Chinese literary classic is this name referencing? (English or Chinese name of the book are both acceptable.)

The first person to provide their name, phone number and a correct answer to the above question will be on the guest list for whichever of Saturday's screenings they wish to attend.

Good luck!

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Congratulations to Francesco LaMacchia, who knew that Red Light Revolution's Chinese name was a riff on Hongloumeng (红楼梦), aka Dream of the Red Chamber, A Dream of Red Mansions or The Story of the Stone.


A short review on the screening in Chengdu


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