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Landslides interrupt Kunming-Chengdu train services

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Three of the four trains stranded by landslides between Kunming and Chengdu last Thursday night have arrived at their destinations, but one train remains stuck between the two cities as workers labor to clear debris.

The four stopped trains were carrying a total of 5,000 passengers.

The Chengdu-Kunming, Beijing-Panzhihua and Chengdu-Panzhihua trains completed their journeys on Saturday morning after the clearing of 17 blocked sections between Baiguo (白果) and Puxiong (普雄) in Sichuan.

As of Sunday afternoon, a Chengdu-Kunming train was still waiting for a section of rail between Baiguo and Baishiyan (白石岩) to be cleared while segments of shortcut were being built.

Chengdu's Railway Bureau sent food and medical provisions to trapped passengers on Friday plus buses to evacuate them. Over the weekend, 1,600 workers using hand tools and 16 excavators were trying to clear the Baiguo-Baishiyan section.

In addition to the stranded trains, services were canceled for 14 other trains operating between Kunming and Chengdu. As of Sunday afternoon it was still unclear when the K146 and K679 trains departing from Kunming for Chengdu would resume operations.

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I got stuck between Lanzhou and Dunhuang, and ended up on the train for 58 hours. Luckily was in soft seat so not too bad. A poor foreign student was in hard- sleeper and had some kind of breakdown. He tried to get off the train and walk, but they wouldnt let him, so he became violent and enraged. He looked like Dan, though more handsome and with better teeth.

It was in fact I—before several years in China robbed me of both my handsome visage and my dental integrity.

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