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Changsha band Psycho Candy to play The Hump

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It seems the live music season in Kunming is in full swing - even The Hump is getting in on the act. Changsha-based band Psycho Candy will perform at The Hump tomorrow (Wednesday) night. Formed in 2003, Psycho Candy's music features elements of Brit-pop, post-punk and indie.

Interestingly, most of the band's lyrics are sung in English - mp3s can be checked out on their Yeskee page. The band appears to be fans of British band Bloc Party, whose song 'Helicopter' they rip off at the beginning of the track 'Turtle Mood'.

The show will start at 9pm and tickets will cost 15 yuan. Word from the organizers is that the Italian band Smegma Riot is also playing the same night, although it's unclear whether they will precede or follow Psycho Candy. After the bands there will be a dance party featuring DJ Martin.

The Hump Bar
Jinbi Plaza
Tel: 3640359

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