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Video: A Reading from Harvest Season

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This promotional video for the novel Harvest Season by author Chris Taylor is a unique and, as far as we can tell, new way to promote a book.

Produced by Kris Ariel, this video is "An experiment in audio-visual, textual reading and dialog" that could become a new way for authors to promote their works. As Taylor and Ariel read from the first chapter, photos and video from around Dali offer glimpses into the fictitious southwest Chinese town of Shuangshan.

Jason Pettus at the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography is praising the video for:

... employing judicious use of strong still images and smart AfterEffects filters to jazz up what would otherwise be a fairly placid reading from the actual text. I was a big fan of it when I checked it out, and would like to encourage more writers to do videos like this when wanting to do some kind of "book commercial" for YouTube...

Taylor will participate in the Kunming Writers Workshop on Saturday, April 9 at the Inhale Festival at Loft Jinding 1919.

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