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Sub Pop artists Jennifer Gentle to play Kunming

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Italian rock band Jennifer Gentle will be playing Kunming on the 28th of this month, courtesy of our friends at Cinaoggi, who have organized the band's first visit to China. Jennifer Gentle has been on the influential American record label Sub Pop (Nirvana, Mudhoney, Pizzicato Five) since 2004 and is preparing to release a new album in June. More from Cinaoggi:

"Jennifer Gentle, an up-and-coming Italian band on the legendary Sub Pop record label, will give their first ever performance in Kunming on March 28. The concert is sponsored by Population Services International's YouthAIDS program and will help highlight the importance of HIV/AIDS prevention among youth. The event is also being co-sponsored by the Yunnan Art Institute, Cinaoggi and the Italian Embassy.

"Jennifer Gentle's music has already been featured in a popular PSI commercial on Kunming TV with the slogan "I love you, I protect you", encouraging safe sexual behavior among young couples as a sign of love and caring. The commercial and concert are part of a larger PSI youth program in which young peer educators use games to help improve HIV/AIDS related knowledge and attitudes among youth ages 16-24 in Kunming's entertainment areas. As part of their contribution to HIV/AIDS prevention efforts in Yunnan, Jennifer Gentle has agreed to perform at no cost, making the concert accessible to all interested youth.

" 'Attitudes of Chinese youth are critical to stemming the future spread of HIV/AIDS in China,' said PSI program manager Jennifer Christian, 'the opportunity to host such an exciting event is a unique and innovative way to raise youth awareness of this issue.' PSI peer educators will be present at the event to help distribute informational materials and talk to attendees about how they can help protect themselves and others from the consequences of unsafe sex.

"The event will be held at 8pm on March 28 in the Yunnan Art Institute's Performance Hall. Entrance is free of charge."

For more information contact:

Matteo Damiani, Founder, Cinaoggi: 131116269021

Jennifer Christian, Program Manager, Population Services International/China: (0871) 3164075, Jennifer(at)psichina.org

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Hey, where is Yunnan Art Institute's Performance Hall? The one on JianShe Lu?

Hi Elizabeth, I just confirmed with Matteo that it's the second building on the left as you enter the main gate (正门) of the Yunnan Art Institute. It's off of Kunrui Lu, the road that leads northward to Optimus Prime. I'd say the easiest way to get there is to tell a cab driver to take you to 云南艺术学院正门. See you there!

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