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Road to Dali finished

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Now only four hours away
Now only four hours away

The new Kunming-Dali highway is now in operation, making a weekend escape to Dali more viable than ever.

For the last two years, the highway connecting Kunming with the sleepy mountain town has been under construction, often causing bus or car trips to take more than five hours or even longer depending on the detour.

Things are better now: the finishing touches have been put on the 308-kilometer (191-mile) road, with travel time reduced to four hours or less during the day. The Nanyao Bus station just north of the Kunming Train Station on Beijing Lu is the closest major bus station to the new elevated road leading out of the city toward Anning and on to Dali.

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Remember when the old highway took 10 or even 12 hours? I heard today its barely three hours now:-)

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