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Yunnan foreign trade up sharply

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Yunnan's foreign trade nearly doubled over the first three quarters of 2010 on strong growth with non-traditional trade partners.

The US$10.05 billion in imports and exports from January through September reported by the provincial customs bureau was 93 percent higher than the same period last year. Much of the growth was fueled by trade with the US, Africa and Latin American nations.

Trade with the US totaled US$3.7 billion, up 331 percent over last year, and trade with African nations was US$690 million, an increase of 226 percent.

Other countries and regions that experienced strong trade growth with Yunnan this year included Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Peru, Europe and Oceania.

Trade with Southeast Asia and South Asia saw a comparatively modest increase of 44 percent, but nations in those regions remain Yunnan's most important trade partners with combined trade of US$3.17 billion—or about a third of the total.

Agricultural goods and mechanical and electronic products were Yunnan's most valuable exports during the first three quarters, accounting for almost 40 percent of total trade.

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