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Hike Xishan with Jin Feibao

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Kunming resident and adventurer Jin Feibao, who was trekking to the South Pole little more than a week ago, is leading an open hike up Xishan tomorrow, Sunday morning (Jan 3) at 9:30. The hike is open to the public and all are welcome.

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Feb 3?

Almost... Feb 4.


I'm moving to Kunming in about a month to study Mandarin. I'm gearing up for my trip and want to know: How easy is it to find decent camping/hiking gear there? Specifically, sleeping bags that roll up nice and compact, campers' weekend packs.

Hi Maggie,

There is plenty of camping/hiking gear here. Jin Feibao's brother actually owns one of the better outdoor supply stores in town, on the sw corner of Renmin Lu and Huancheng Xi Lu. There are loads of other stores throughout town too.


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