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Free Wireless Internet in Kunming

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The number of cafes offering free wireless Internet (Wi-Fi) in Kunming has grown by leaps and bounds in the last year. Here is an attempt at a comprehensive list of Kunming cafes and restaurants offering free Wi-Fi.

Chapter One
146 Wenlin Jie
0871/536 5635

French Café
70 Wenlin Jie
0871/538 2391

Pizza da Rocco
202 Wenlin Jie
0871/538 6817

Salvador's Coffee House
76 Wenhua Xiang, Wenlin Jie
0871/536 3525
Kaiyuan Residential Area, Bldg 14
0871/822 5457

Tranströmer Café @ TCG/Nordica
101 Xiba Lu (Inside the Loft art complex)
0871/411 4691

Contact us with any additions to this list, hopefully it will continue to grow.

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