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Boxing in Kunming

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This Thursday the Expo Garden Hotel will host a six-fight professional boxing event beginning at 2pm. The event is organized by Zovi Promotions and will feature a mostly Chinese lineup, with the exception of Filipina boxer Gretchen Abaniel, who will be fighting in a minimumweight bout. The Expo Garden Hotel is located on Bailong Lu across from the International Horticultural Exposition Gardens in northeast Kunming.

ABCO Champ Wu Zhiyu
ABCO Champ Wu Zhiyu
Speaking of boxing, we recently met with Wu Zhiyu, Chuxiong, Yunnan native and WBC/ABCO cruiserweight champion since April of this year. This year Wu, who has been a competitive boxer for the last 12 years, has begun offering boxing classes focused on fitness and self-defense. Wu teaches beginner, intermediate and advanced classes for individuals and groups. Rates for 90 minutes of one-on-one training range from 50 yuan (beginner) to 100 yuan (advanced). Lessons are held at the 24-hour gym in the ground floor of the People's Cinema at 111 Zhengyi Lu, just north of Renmin Zhong Lu.

Wu Zhiyu

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