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China blogs: 1980s turkey, corruption show, Copenhagen, top lists

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If you found it hard to get hold of some traditionally-cooked turkey this week, think of the lengths you would've had to go to in the '80s. Si Bu Xiang tells of just that: how one enterprising foreign-affairs officer secured a big turkey for Americans living in Chengdu in 1981.

Recent TV series Snail House, otherwise known as Dwelling Narrowness, has been the hottest thing on the telly this year with its tales of mistresses, corrupt cadres and, erm, housing developments. Chinayouren enthuses about the show and tells us why it's so popular.

Danwei interviews Jonathan Watts, former China correspondent for the Guardian, about climate change and Copenhagen, and James Fallows reacts to comments, and then "follows up" on a much-discussed opinion piece in the Guardian about China getting its way in Copenhagen.

You can see how Chinese medicine works and whether it can cure the common cold thanks to an enlightening e-mail exchange on My Health Beijing in which our favorite physician, Dr. Richard, quizzes an American doctor trained in Chinese Medicine about how TCM approaches 'ganmao.'

It turns out that Taobao is more than just a treasure chest of just about anything you could ever want to buy: It can also be a source of humor. Veggie Discourse has a funny post of exchanges between sellers and their disgruntled and rather witless customers. (Requires proxy)

And Shanghaiist has gone list crazy. If you have a penchant for numbered paragraphs, check out the top ten sports stories, the top 'bubble stories' of 2009, China's five most significant stories of the decade ... and many more.

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Love the turkey-story.

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