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Live music this week: New Pants and more!

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Beijing Boogaloo: New Pants gettin jiggy with it
Beijing Boogaloo: New Pants gettin jiggy with it

This week in Kunming there are several live music options, which is nice.

Tonight the French/Chinese band Gu Guai Xing Qiu and opening act Brazier will perform at Speakeasy Bar. Gu Guai Xing Qiu calls its music "grind/hardcore, rock, loop, experimental and Indian fragments"... okay. Brazier features Hu Yidao, the Chinese member of Gu Guai Xing Qiu. The show will be the penultimate of their Chinese tour. Starting at 9:30 pm, the show costs 20 yuan, which includes a soft drink.

From Wednesday to Friday, Lijiang Studio artist Krisgatha will present an art show named SPACE.ATHORN CITYxPLORATION NO. 1 at Shelter Bar. The show will include sound, visual, video, installation. Admission is free, and the musical portion of each day will begin at 11:00 pm.

Thursday, the Beijing band New Pants will perform at Speakeasy Bar to support the release of their new album. New Pants formed in 1996 and it has been with the famous Chinese indie label Modern Sky since then.

New Pants used to be a punk band but this time the band has a different sound on its new album Dragon Tiger Panacea which the band calls "retro-disco" - disco music in the style of the 80s. Together with the music disc, the album also includes a DVD with several music videos and documentaries. The album feels like a parody version of the 80s cheesy disco in China. The show starts at 9:30 and the ticket is 25 yuan, which includes a soft drink. Note: The first 30 who arrive there can get a bonus CD.

Speakeasy Bar
445 Dongfeng Xi Lu
(0871) 5332569

Shelter Bar
Next to the backdoor of the Kunming Zoo on Yuan Tong Dong Lu

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