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China blogs: memoirs, Win in China, sports-medal scandal

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Danwei features the introduction of and an extract from the recently republished memoir by "princess" Der Ling who recounts her two years spent in the Forbidden City serving Empress Cixi. (Requires proxy)

Matt Schiavenza links to a The National article about two Jewish Americans, both called Sidney, who lived in China during and after the civil war. Coincidentally, the New Yorker's Letter From China blog features a short interview with one of the Sidneys about his views on China today.

China Beat interviews Ole Schell, director of a new documentary about the Chinese entrepreneurs who competed on the wildly popular TV game show Win in China.

James Fallows' blog embeds a video from the Atlantic's "Doing Business in China" series in which a handful of Chinese high-flyers are asked a surprisingly tricky question: What is communism?

China Sports Today writes about the medal-fixing scandal afflicting the national games. China Hush also has a full translation of an Sina interview with the informer who has made the accusations.

In what is possibly the saddest and most 'lei' (shocking) story on ChinaSMACK (and there's a lot of competition), a prostitute shares all about her sexual health, her contraction of AIDS, as well as all the phone numbers of her clients.

And in a short post, ChinaGeeks looks at a fellow who has recently been in the news, Mao's grandson Mao Xinyu, and the content of his popular blog.

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