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China blogs: annoying commercials, Jackie Chan gaffes, and more

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Inspired by the question of why China's peasants didn't revolt during the three-year famine of 1959 to 1961, Inside-Out China publishes a transcript of an interview with Chongqing resident Mr. Chen, at the time a local government worker, who describes the shocking conditions he witnessed in Sichuan during the Great Leap Forward. (Requires proxy)

Danwei TV interviews author Wang Gang about his experiences in the Cultural Revolution and why nobody else wants to talk about it.

In a thoughtful post at the Granite Studio, Jeremiah Jenne argues that in order to explain the apparent gap between Chinese and Western attitudes toward state control, we need to consider what we fear the most, not what we value the most.

ChinaSMACK translates a Chinese netizens' sometimes witty, sometimes not responses to the hypothetical question, "What would happen if the aliens in the movie District 9 landed in China?"

Be a hater. It's not just you who despises the squeaky voices and cheesy lines on Chinese TV commercials. ChinaHush provides a lowdown on 2009's top 10 worst offenders, as voted by Chinese netizens. "And my, over the years, constipation is gone, too."

Shanghaiist reports on the latest stupid things Jackie Chan said on CCTV.

Fool's Mountain examines why China hasn't produced (m)any laureates of the Nobel Prize for Literature and the state of writing in China. (Requires proxy)

Fran likes surfing the China blogosphere, and every Sunday she shares her picks of the week with GoKunming readers.

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Chinese Literature Prize

Gao Xingjian / 高行健 received the nobel prize of literature in 2000. The press release for the prize refers notably to "soul Mountain". Gao Xingkian was a recognized artist in Beijing in the 80's. However his work has been banned in China for many years and he is a French citizen since 1997 or 99 (depending on which bio you read). While in China he translated several major author in Chinese and while in France he has written several plays in French.

Nobel prize link:

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