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Not a bad place at all, and great location. Pizza has the best crust of all Chinese-made pizza I've tried. They could have more beer in the cooler, but they've been pretty inventive with buckets of water.


Can't get a friendlier place than this. Lot's of beers to choose from, some a little pricy, but there's always the fallback of Lao. Excellent.


The French Cafe is probably the oldest Western eatery in Kunming. Unfortunately, it has complacency written all over it and is badly in need of a makeover. The service varies from indifferent to unfriendly. Good wine and coffee is the minimum you'd expect from a place that bills itself as French but you'll struggle to find either here. There's not much that's French on the menu apart from the croque monsieur. It's only saving grace is that the bread is the best in Kunming, but that's not saying much.


I went there tonight for dinner and enjoyed the experience. The decor is nice, with a contemporary feel and lots of nods to Australia without being too "kitsch". The place was just a little busy while I was there, neither frantic nor empty (kind of atmosphere in a cafe/restaurant I like best - but obviously that's down to time of day and day of week). I had the salt & pepper squid and the "Koala Burger" (beef burger, served with great chips), and a Coopers to drink. I can't say the burger was perfect, but it was very good! My first time there, so I can't comment on any of the other dishes, but it's a very solid menu (steaks, burgers, salmon and more), and really close to the sort of menu you'd find in a pub or cafe in Australia. Service was friendly and attentive. Recommended.


Good food, terrible or non existing service.
I have to say i quiet liked the cafe in the beginning, but theres only so many cases of forgetting my order, mixing up an order or giving me something totaly diffrent from what i ordered, i can let slight. The staff definitly need some serious training


First and last experience. Absolutely horrible. I came in late with a big flesh wound. The doctor sewed it up and told me to come back in the morning "perhaps to redo it, and to change the bandage". When I did come back the next morning, they just changed the bandage and sent me off.

When I peeked at my own wound, I noticed it was horribly done. "Like a vet did the stitches," as someone commented. I then had to stay a night in a different hospital in order to do it right, with a 40% chance of getting infections. This cost me a lot more, thanks to Richland fucking up in the beginning.

Whatever X-rays were taken were not printed out and given to me so I couldn't go to another hospital for a second opinion or treatment.

The nurses didn't seem to know where half the things were and the doctors had to repeat orders to get basic things like scissors.

Cost: 250 for initial registration, 20 for next day treatment, 280 for x-rays, and 5000 for operation and stay in the other hospital, some of which will be reimbursed.


This was our first visit, so I'm just writing about our first impression which was very good. We haven't had any food yet, but the cupcakes/muffins which they gave us for free (since they just opened) with the drinks were delicious. The coffee and fruit juice were nice, but most impressive is that one can drink while enjoying the amazing art. The staff was also very friendly. The cafe is located on the same Walking Street as the North Wicker Basket.



Professional, friendly and helpful staff - and, most importantly, did great work.


I've been studying at Keats for over a year, and I thoroughly recommend it to anyone.

The teachers are great. I have had 4 different teachers in my time there and they were all excellent - well prepared, interesting and helpful.

The other staff are also friendly and helpful.

The classrooms, the facilities and atmosphere in the school are also great.
In summary, it's great. A little expensive, perhaps, but completely worth it.


THe ribs are amazing and the sound system too, youjia did a great job! Again!