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Do they have an online menu? That would be something.


I really enjoyed sampling the (fairly) new menu. Place looks great as always and the bartenders have picked up the pace from my previous visits.


one of the better pizzas i've had in china. although the prices may seem a bit high, the portions are substantial. service was good too. nice place.


I had the Asian style vegetables that were delicious but the highlight is definitely cheesecake, the best in Kunming.


when i call the number is not in service. Whats the correct number to call them?


I have been there after a while and I am actually disappointed by the waitresses' attitude.
When we arrived we were carrying a bag with a few packs of biscuits we just bought.
Before any greeting (not even a nihao or a smile) the waitress warned us that if we dared to eat those biscuits there, we had to pay an extra 100 yuan (!!).
I kindly asked if they had bread and got a very cold "mei you" (without even looking at us) as an answer, without explaining whether the bread was temporary unavailable (sold out) or something else (like they don't bake it anymore).
Then, when we were ready to order, she got pissed off and left us because she had to wait more than thirty seconds while we were checking the menu.
At that point we just left, and I doubt I will ever return there.
And that is a pity since I remember the food was simple but good and the place is cozy.
Sometimes you go to a restaurant and you get the feeling that, choosing to have your dinner there, you are actually bothering the staff.
This was the case!


been there several times, very satisfied every time. menu has classics like fish n chips, bolognese, pizzas etc. very tasty, at good prices.


The best place in Chenggong really
Simply a nice café-restaurant with great drinks, beers and cheap food. Owners are very kind and easy going. I spent a great time and I'll be back soon for sure !


Yu- Cong Mr. Peng ( Max ) Is a rare business man in China, Profesional like him are not around that much.

He opens the doors needed to open and establish a business in China. He is always ready to serve, solve situations and give the right advice.

He is efficient, diligent, correct and honest, he get to put together an incredible team that make our life easy and aloud us to concretizes our expectations.

Is important to hi light his remarkable way of welcoming foreigner, never having any other intention than opening opportunities to both sides in a harmonious atmosphere, just let him know what you want to achieve in China and he will do the rest...Visas,connections,locations,logistic, accounting, government relationship,etc...

Any one that want to be successful in Yunnan must have Max as one of the tools to make things simple, faster and concrete.

His prices are completely competitive, I went around to verify it, no one offers you a better price and better service than Max Yo Cong