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If you love a neighbourhood atmosphere and a good talk with very nice owners and barkeeoers, this is your place! They welcome everyone, even new to Kunming, and there is always great music. Best place to feel home.


Moondog is different from before but the new style is really fun. the new owners are really friendly and I always have a good time.

prices are really good and the selection of beers and other alcohol is really big. they even let you make your own drink. looking forward to going again


Went in for a coffee and asked for a ham sandwich. The server made some excuse about the kitchen being busy. Odd, since I was the only customer. He finally agreed to "ask the kitchen". When the sandwich finally came it was made with crappy sliced bread and had cheese added. It was like a ham and cheese toastie that hadn't been toasted. This in a place where they bake their own baguettes. Very poor show.


Great place to find high end stuff beyond most budgets such as down quilts, cashmere scarves and sweaters, very good coats and jackets and leather goods. Often in barely worn condition. You will have to search. I got a Brooks Bros shirt for 10 kuai! Do bargain. I think this is where the charity bins of clothing end up. I've seen huge bales of compressed clothing in some of the stores.


The beer is great the porter being my favourite. Porter pie, pizza or a roast chicken go great with the porter too.
Every time I have visited there I have met old friends and made new ones too. Ray is a great host who is willing to go that extra step to link you up with like minded guests. Thanks.


you too tampopo? this establishment serves up very average and expensive fare, all in all.

i roll my eyes when shops proudly promote the use of imported ingredients. really? importing something is an absolute last resort, not something to be proud of.

i mean, the consumer pays more (often MUCH more) for a less ecologically sustainable item. a lot of the extra price is simply money for the shipping companies and government coffers. is that who you want your money to support?

let's do all we can to support businesses which aid the local economy and NOT patronise shops which cynically tout their use of exotic products and have the gall to make us pay exorbitant prices for widely available items such as bread and cake!


We had a great stay at IviesWill! The staff were responsive and helpful and we had great interactions with the intern who also helped us with his good English:) IviesWill provides a comfortable common area and my kids enjoyed billiards and table tennis! I would highly recommend a stay at this hostel! Two suggested improvements would be 1. stronger wifi as it was often difficult to get online and we were not able to on the 5th floor at all and 2. Food quality (but, really, there are plenty of restaurants nearby so it is not really an issue!)


As Americans living in and traveling through China, this was a great find in Kunming! The food and the beer were tasty and satisfying and the customer service was top notch!