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I go here about two times each month. The steaks are perfectly cooked to order and the portions are generous, whether ordering a salad, pasta or hamburger. One small quibble would be the crumbly hamburger buns, but that isn't enough to lower the rating. Great place.


Called the number provided on a Friday at 2:15PM while a 10% discount was advertised "on Friday and Saturday" (listed in GoKunming specials).

A Chinese person answered the 'English' phone number in Mandarin then explained in broken English that you need to order 3 hours in advance. (Subtext: As their business is so slow)

Grumble. False advertising. Waste of time. Seems 100% Chinese run. Probably bad pizza.


very sorry to tell you, that nomad Gh and Cafe is not existing anymore. Sent them a email to nomad.lijiang@gmail.com and got following reply from Peter Mulder [nomad.lijiang@gmail.com]:
We are sorry to inform you that Nomad Guesthouse & Cafe is no longer open.
If you are planning to visit Yunnan and the Lijiang area, we wish you a wonderful time!
As this is an automated reply, please do not respond to this message.
Be well.


Nice place, friendly staff, great cakes, excellent view.


Nice atmosphere, nice friendly service.


Lovely setup, fantastic environment, good food, very good selection on single malts makes this place a absolute "must go" recommendation. However, the "Rock the Park 4" music festival last Saturday was the icing on the cake! Great music on the open air stage! Fried, Jeroen and James, please let us have more of this.


First and last experience. Absolutely horrible. I came in late with a big flesh wound. The doctor sewed it up and told me to come back in the morning "perhaps to redo it, and to change the bandage". When I did come back the next morning, they just changed the bandage and sent me off.

When I peeked at my own wound, I noticed it was horribly done. "Like a vet did the stitches," as someone commented. I then had to stay a night in a different hospital in order to do it right, with a 40% chance of getting infections. This cost me a lot more, thanks to Richland fucking up in the beginning.

Whatever X-rays were taken were not printed out and given to me so I couldn't go to another hospital for a second opinion or treatment.

The nurses didn't seem to know where half the things were and the doctors had to repeat orders to get basic things like scissors.

In the next hospital, it was noticed that I had fractured my jaw in two places. On the five X-Rays taken at Richland, they did not notice the fractures.

Pretty sure these people are not actual doctors and are therefore criminal.


They refuse to send electronic instruments... And made many excuses, e.g., it will break, so we can't send it. Whatever you want to send may get rejected, better to call first


Great atmosphere, very friendly and helpful staff. Excellent coffee and breakfast! Music sometimes a bit too loud and even the owner told the staff to turn it down. I met the owner and her two beautiful dogs. I feel at home here. I am from Melbourne Australia.


Tangy, peppery flavours, do not miss the mango juice and the mango pancakes!