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nice setting, very nice food, nice staff too


Dear Calle
Of course any opinion is useful for me, but...what do you mean NO VEGETABLE IN THE CARBONARA?? of course no vegetable!! probably you don't know what is a pasta alla carbonara. No cream (just eggs) NO VEGETABLE and right amount of IMPORTED PANCETTA, not local ham. And you can come over, i will show you some some calculation, you will learn that 60 for a carbonara is not pricy at all. Cheers


This place appears to have closed.


Went here a while back, hoping to get some good Italian food. Considering it is fairly pricy you would at least expect some kind of quality. However, I ordered the pasta carbonara, but what I got was basically only pasta and some sauce. Had to look hard for any traces of meat. Also no vegetables at all. Definitely not worth the money.


I've been a few times now, it's a nice place. Beers brewed in~house are of course something quite special, and the pizzas, and some of the other snacks, are very nice. I was there tonight, and for the first time, tried the American~style ribs. I have to say that they weren't as good as I was expecting. But that could be that I'm not really familiar with this dish? On the whole, though, it's a great place.


The listing here is wrong! Teresa's are not defunct, they are just back to being one store instead of two stores on Wenlinjie now! They are still in business, still answer on this phone number, and are still delivering! Points for consistency, it's been years! As of right now, it's 68 for the more toppings vegetarian at the largest size. They will do thin or thick crust. Yes, it's not to everyone's taste, but I always used to find adding dried chilli powder and some extra salt brought it up to tasty. Might go for a dash of Sichuan pepper oil to spice it up this time around. (You know you've been in China too long when...)


Nice Bar!! I really like the worker there! Good service and always smile!


Slice of Heaven has great pizza AND they deliver. Nuff' said.


Like stepping out of China into Europe. Beautiful!