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Went there today and we had BBQ lamb on mashed potato.

Tasted fantastic, the mash potatoes were the instant ones but nonetheless was good stuff.

BBQ Chicken skewers, a bit have on the garlic for my taste, but still awesome especially with my 25RMB 500ml German Weizen outdoors.

I had the fish and chips and the batter was a bit soaked but the fish was better than at O'Reilleys [still the best in KMG is think]. they served with ketchup, so I asked for another sauce and the very nice attentive waiter brought the Cesar salad sauce [which seems to be homemade and is really, really good] and that did hit the spot.

We paid 150 kuai, for Fish and Chips, lamb loin and chuan'rs plus my beer. Quality and price beats WenLinJie.

It's well decorated and the location is great. Especially if you [like us] live in the area. I will be back for sure!!!

There is room for improvement but I'll give it 4 stars for, Price-Quality-Location.


Great shop. Great staff. Great service. I bought I lower end UCC bike here about two years ago and every time I have been since they remembered me and have helped me fix/tune up a variety of problems or issues that have come up with the bike all for free. The only time I ever had to pay was 20 yuan for two replacement spokes on my rear wheel. In my experience they have always been prompt, polite and professional. If you in the market for a bike 2000 yuan and up I would recommend going here.


Yum Yum burgers! One of those places that needs a moment as they make things themselves and fresh.
Well worth the wait as it's tasty!
Decoration is stylish and the 2nd floor is very good to read a book or do some homework and escape the Kundu noise level.


Vervo is a venue which I have enjoyed visiting since it opened. It makes a nice change from the other late night options in Kunming, mainly because it has qualities which I haven't yet noticed in other venues in the city. It has a decent sound system which can play music loud while maintaining sound quality. It isn't a sound system which is going to produce fuzzy or crackly sounds. The DJ's, the times I have been, have been pretty good as well. They have been able to mix properly and have created a lively atmosphere on the dance floor. The dance floor itself is cool, it's located behind the bar down a narrow corridor. It's spacious and this is where people head to dance and enjoy the music. There is no seating in the dance floor room, the seating is next to the bar and on the balcony. The seating area is a nice place to go and chill and have a chat. It's good that these two areas have been kept separate. Vervo wouldn't be out of place among the better clubs in a British city. I recommend people go and check it out as I think it really does make a positive and different contribution to Kunming's nightlife!


Went in their Dali branch. Same system. Foreign language books are upstairs and a creepy member of staff follows you up.and shadows you. I will never buy a book there again.


Updated review: Having worked with Max in several different capacities over the years, I don't hesitate to say that he is the best choice for any foreign enterprise of any size to register as a business in Kunming.


Sandra is a fabulous cook, and while this place will continue to grow and offer more products, I believe in supporting it to support Sandra, and what she does for Kunming.


Yu-Cong Mr. Peng is very familiar with foreign invested company and smartly can do about this kind of related work. Any corporate Clint feel free can contact with him, if need as like related work