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Short-term storage in Kunming?

spelunkus (81 posts) • 0

Does anyone know of short-term storage companies in Kunming? I need to store about a large duffel bag's worth of stuff for about 4 days.

Thanks for any businesses, websites, addresses, etc.


AlexKMG (2049 posts) • 0

I've been able to find storage at most train stations in China for 10-15rmb per day. It's usually outside around the station entrance. Sometimes they have english directional signs saying Left Luggage. Never tried to the Kunming train station since I take my bags home.

Some bus stations also offer the bag storage, but the ones in Kunming are all so far out, it would suck to go there and find out they don't.

spelunkus (81 posts) • 0

Cool, thanks everyone.

Does anyone know more about the Railway station terms? From that earlier thread (thanks @tigertiger) it's not clear if they allow overnight storage.

@AlexKMG. Generally, what are the train station storage places like? Are they individual lockers, or just a giant room with tagged bags, etc.? Do you usually get to use your own padlock? Does it feel safe?


AlexKMG (2049 posts) • 0

It's usually giant room with tagged bags. I have never had a problem as they require ID, but I have never left bags longer than 6 hours. They will allow overnight, but it should cost a bit more.

The Shanghai airport has individual lockers with magnetic cards. Never tried Kunming airport.

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