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Is a Health Certificate for Chinese nationals required?

vagabond48 (58 posts) • 0

My Chinese GF plans to join me in Thailand next month. Does anyone know if she is required by either China or Thailand to get a health certificate to either leave China or enter Thailand. If the answer is "yes" what is the minimum required shots. I left the US over 4 years ago and have been living in Thailand as well as traveling around Asia and have never had to get a health certificate with any required shots.
Thanks in advance for any advice.

piper (6 posts) • 0

No. She'll need to get a Thai visa beforehand if flying out from Kunming or anywhere mainland. She can get a landing visa if flying out from HK, Macau, etc..

vagabond48 (58 posts) • 0

We went to a government run health service for international travel and they gave my GF the impression that she needed this certificate to either leave China or enter Thailand. The cost was going to be nearly 500Y for a cholera and anti-mosquito shots . I wasn't about cough up that money if the certificate isn't required for travel. I am not a great believer in the unconditional use of shots unless one is traveling to a highly contagious area.
Thanks for the info and I know about the visa issues.

rejected_goods (254 posts) • 0

chinese nationals can get a visa on arrival for 1000 baht as long as you have the return ticket and 10,000 baht equivalent or above on you.

international health certificate is not required, as long as you have not been to the countries which have been declared Yellow Fever Infedted Areas, china is not one of the countries listed.

Greginchina (239 posts) • 0

Its true that Chinese nationals can get a visa on arrival in Bangkok Airport but unfortunately Kunming exit/entry won't let a Chinese National leave without a visa making it almost impossible to do it that way.

We went to Thailand last year and were unaware before we got to Kunming airport that my wife wouldn't be allowed to exit China without a visa. We basically got round this by showing them her British visa and said that Bangkok was just a transit. Once in Bangkok we got the Thai visa with no problems.

So if your girlfriend doesn't have a valid visa to any other country in her passport at the moment, make sure you get the Thai visa from the consulate in Kunming before you go.

Greginchina (239 posts) • 0

Plus the queue of tourists getting visas at Bangkok airport was really long. We were pretty lucky in that they let us jump the queue because we had our baby with us. But if you want to avoid queues and problems exiting China then best to get the visa in advance.

rejected_goods (254 posts) • 0

thanks, greg, your info helps a lot.

as the people i travelled with are from shenzhen. ive checked with them. yes, they enter hong kong with their 'hong kong/macau pass' then fly using the HKG gateway with their national passport. it is a lot cheaper that way, i was told.

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