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I agree with PRC. In any freshly developing area the business environment is bound to be "protectionist" with many unidentifiable "barriers to entry". That said, the reason why I put the barriers in quotations is because it's not really the same barriers that you find in MBA case studies such as Nestle trying to enter a market where there are established confectionary companies.

It's more, like PRC said, navigating and adeptly learning the local environment and injecting outside expertise, an advantage few locals have, to build a profitable business. Any who, ideas are just ideas. Tons of people of tons of million dollar ideas. Only the very few who have the guts and the real know-how will profit from them. I'm a big supporter for sharing ideas, even my own. Because if someone else can do it better or just tries to do it and succeeds over your own efforts, whether it is just idea squatting or failing to execute, he deserves the penny and you don't. Not saying you can't learn from it and try again...

Either way, as the airport opens up and more media coverage spreads these select enterprising individuals, both local and international, will flock here and take over. So gather your beans and have them in order bc if you want to be a successful entrepreneur here you better be on your game!

Forums > Living in Kunming > Entrepreneur in Kunming?

Here's a thought for aspiring entrepreneurs. Office / home food delivery made with the organic vegetables available at Salvadors. The pesticide use on Chinese food stuffs is alarming.


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It's difficult and financially burdening in China to become Fair Trade or Organic certified, so I believe it is already magnanimous of them to pursue a mission that seems to be supportive of a local community.

Ofcourse the marketing may be a little misleading because one will not know for certain "how" fair traded it is or what stipulates being organic. In fact, an interesting sidenote is that out of many developing nations China seems to lean more supportive of farmers, probably due to it's communist ideals.

One thing I noticed is that though their products are from regions elsewhere of Shangrila they actively choose to support the Shangrila community. Either way, interesting GK article bringing up some local issues and best of luck of Shangrila Farms.


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