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lao wai !!!!!! you are so right its untrue, 9/10 fellow foreigners I pass on the street are either too insecure or stuck up to acknowledge the presence of someone similar to them, like its "THEIR" China, giving you looks of "what are you doing here?!" Like those guys you see sitting outside salvadore's ALL DAY LONG. SO aloof.

People can say its city life but if I smile at ANY Chinese person, they usually smile back or say something. If the so called "uncivilised" Chinese can manage that than it really speaks volumes about our civilisation...


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The friendliest bar in the foreigner area that I know of. Ignore what someone says later about the food, in MY experience, the food is very good, in terms of taste AND value for money, e.g you order a chicken burger and not only do you get that but it also comes with bacon and chips... (and at the cheapest price for a chicken burger I have seen yet here.) they also have steak on the menu !

The drinks are fairly priced, happy hour is great (5-7pm,) the people who work there are fantastic and Aihua is the friendliest, most welcoming bar owner I know.

On top of that, a great selection of literature which you can freely borrow.. then comfortable surroundings, free wifi, genuinely should be higher in peoples estimations that 1/5 stars...

the music is a bit eclectic sometimes though..