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That's very interesting. We are a private international school--would this still apply do you think? We have taken a couple of front-country trips to Shilin country already. Regardless, thanks for the info.

We are also interested for our personal use during long-weekends/vacations.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Short Backpacking Trips Near Kunming

Hey everyone, I know there have been similar threads to this one, but I am wondering if anyone knows of any medium-length overnight trails that would be suitable for backpacking (the camping kind). I help run a small outdoor education program here, and I am planning on bringing a group of students ages 12-17 into the backcountry for 3-days and 2-nights this May, but have not yet found a suitable location. Ideally it would be within 2-3 hours of Kunming, and a beginner-moderate level of challenge. Any thoughts?


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@Ishmael we rented a car right away and it was relatively easy. Did it through Ctrip, but there are tons of apps for it (some need your passport info and take time to verify your identity and such, but ctrip did not). There was, however, about a 2,000 Yuan deposit that takes 30 days to return (after they make sure you weren't ticketed for anything).


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