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Hello there, Im new in town and I am looking for a tailor to fix 6 pairs of pants which need to cut the length (1 jeans, 1 dress pants and 4 work out pants). I have tried reading the threads about it, but they are old and I couldn't get a hold of any of the names suggested there.
Do you know any?


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The address has changed last week to a new (all different types of entry and exit services) building at Tuodong Road. Im sorry I dont remember the number exactly but Im almost sure is 118. Its a quite big and brand new building.

They have the directions about how to get to the new office at the door from the old office. Its a bit of walk, about 1km.

The service is not so bad and english is well spoken there. Bring copies of your passport, chinese visa, entry stamp, address registration (original and copy) and picture. 160 RMB for 1 month extension paid when its ready. Service done in 7 days. The new visa will be valid from the day you applied and you can hand it out at the expiration date, the latest.