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We are a group of 7 people who would like to hire a minivan with a driver for the day on this coming Sunday April 10, to take us to Jiuxiang Scenic Area. We would like to leave around 9-10 in the morning, picking up at our homes in the Green Lake area and return 7-8 in the evening. Please contact us via this website and we will call you and discuss price and details.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Bus to Yunan Ethnic Village

Can anyone give us the bus route numbers and pick up pointsthat would get us to the Yunan Ethnic Village from the Green Lake area.
We're going blind trying to read the transit map we have, it is not clear.

Forums > Food & Drink > Zhengyi Road Street Market

Thanks for the brainwave Master Shake
Here is a phone number we found on an empty jar of their delicious tahini, 13708494559.
We are not fluent enough to make a phone call like this.
If someone can do this and share the info with the rest of us it would be really appreciated.


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Could you fill us in more about the Fat Tire Fun Club and schedule? Also it would be great to be updated about the race in June. How far is it around Dianchi anyways? ..............and some info about the bike path.


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