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My most favorite Coffee shop and English corner, I go to variety of corners consistently for three years but I think it's the best for me even it has changed the location recently and makes a little bit inconvenience for people coming here at the first time.

Firstly I would say the English corner is so nice because the common host, Joshua, a young American man, who lived in China for about 14 years with his family, knows Kunming better even than some local people. He got the Chinese Language & Literature master degree from Yunnan University so he can speak standard Mandarin well. Several times we talked about China's history, tradition, philosophy, culture, etc., he spoke fluent Chinese without any problem so I actually treated him as a Chinese. Besides he also can writes Chinese characters. Amazing!

In some situation his family members also joined the conversation and took the roles as hosts, his father, mother and two sisters are kind, easygoing and eligible. I'm always so glad to have a talk with them.

Besides I really appreciate to have a cup of Coffee in the shop, I always ordered a medium glass of mocha and took some cakes and muffins to my home, and sometimes when I was hungry I would like to order a pizza, coffee and pizza are their signature items. It's real delicious, oh, yummy.

I strongly recommend you to go to this coffee house and experience it together, remember the address is below, both in English and Chinese;
The west side of Kunming, just south of WalMart(store in ChengShiLingdi Community) and the Four Seasons Hot Springs Hotel on XingYuan Road close to #82 and #C65 bus stops.
芝城咖啡昆明西山区沃尔玛城市领地2B-13商铺, 兴苑路春夏秋冬酒店街对面, 市内可乘82, C65于张家村站下车

Hope you can enjoy it.