Situated in the Chenggong District of Kunming City, the Chenggong Campus stands as the most recent addition to Yunnan University's illustrious lineage. Serving as the primary hub for the institution, this expansive campus stretches across nearly 3000 acres, seamlessly integrating contemporary, minimalist architectural designs with its verdant surroundings.

Upon entry from the west gate, visitors are immediately met with the university's distinguished landmarks: the library and the administrative building. The library, emblematic of the university's dedication to scholarly pursuits, is among the most comprehensive in Yunnan Province, equipped with an extensive collection and cutting-edge facilities.

For those wishing to explore the vast expanse of the campus, internal bus lines are available, providing a convenient mode of transport to traverse its many attractions. The campus is adorned with four serene lakes, each offering a tranquil retreat from academic rigors. Additionally, a visit to the peacock garden offers a delightful encounter with nature, while the clock tower, set against a backdrop of a sprawling lavender field, provides a picturesque setting that captivates many a tourist.

A journey northward along Shilin Street unveils a collection of university towns and vibrant commercial streets. Notable locales such as Juxian Street and the business districts adjacent to Kunming University of Technology and behind Dianchi University offer a diverse range of culinary and recreational experiences, underscoring the dynamic student community and the confluence of cultures that the campus celebrates.

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  • NameYunnan University (Chenggong campus)
  • AddressUniversity City East Outer Ring South Road, Chenggong District, Kunming City, Kunming
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Yunnan University (Chenggong campus) • University City East Outer Ring South Road, Chenggong District, Kunming City

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