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diandong che licence

shamolihua (13 posts) • 0

Ok, so I got the C1 licence, now the problem is, when I was applying, the lady filling in which type of licence I`m applying for first started to write "C1, F..." while staring at my europian licence translation, and then she said, oh, it will be enough just to write C1 as it includes "all". But now as I see it does not include N or P which is the "dianche" and obviously not even the F (motorbike)- but I wouldn`t mind that. What I`m gonna need some day IS the diandong che, so now I have to do the whole damn thing again? The papers, payment, etc....basically change my licence just to add items "N,P".?? I can`t even make myself go to the traffic police as I think I would kick someone`s ass for not explaining things properly, that b.... just filled in "something" btw saying that it includes "all" I can drive according to my licence (which is also not true but...) ....anyway, zenme ban?

CromsonCromson (145 posts) • 0

Relax, as for now you dont need a drivers license to drive a electric scooter (dian dong che). Just buy one, get it registrated and have fun (oh and be carefull of course). ;)

shamolihua (13 posts) • 0

oh, great, I was confused by all those licence types on the back of my licence...thanks for good news! I`m not gonna drive in KMG, usually use a SUV around Shanghai (finally with a licence :)))- feels safer than the scooter but... I will need that too later...

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