Donating clothes - where?

pengo (14 posts) • 0

Hi, I'm about to leave and would like to donate some of my clothes, bedding stuff and more... but to whom? Anyone knows of associations who might appreciate that?
I remember there was a nice lady who worked with street kids, maybe they could find some clothes useful...
I just don't want to throw them away.

onlyone (156 posts) • 0

Local worship places such as mosques and churches always have some projects to receive such donations and resend it to poor people .

BillDan (268 posts) • 0

Chinese people have some outrageous fears and phobias about germs and feel used clothes are loaded with evil parasites and diseases. Do you ever really see second hand shops here? There is even a regulation that says a health care worker must use a sterile gauze strip before delivering mouth to mouth recusitation to a dying person. You would be lucky if anything you denoted ever got anywhere.

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