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Teaching at YUFE this Semester: Suggestions? Help or Advice.

Oyun Dege (6 posts) • 0


I will be teaching at the above University this comming semester. Do any of you have any comments about the university, such as how good or bad the administration is? What the students are like? Is the school nice, bad, poor, in good or poor condition?

Also, if any of you happen to have teaching experince at this particualar university or other, what should I do to prepare, both for teaching, and for dealing with the school?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Jared (19 posts) • 0

Hi Oyun Dege, I taught there last year so maybe I can help with some of your questions. I'd rather not post a response. Send me an email and I'll do my best to give you the pluses and minuses.


WeiXue (17 posts) • 0


I have taught at YUFE for the past two semesters (won't be there next semester, though...in fact, you might be living in my apartment...but anyway).

I think what you can do to be most prepared for teaching at YUFE and general life in China is to come with an open mind and no expectations. I have seen several other questions you have posted on here about various things. I'm sure you're very curious about what life will be like here. It certainly is different. No matter how much people tell you, though, and no matter how much you think you know what to expect or what it will be like, you will be wrong. Everyone has different experiences even at the same school depending on what classes they are teaching, their personalities, etc. I'm sure some days you will love life here and some days you will hate it. But that's probably true with any job, even in the States. Just expect an adventure. Expect every day to be different. Expect things to often not follow logic. Expect the unexpected and just generally be flexible and you will come out of your time here having had a very interesting (good, bad, weird, etc...) experience.

Anthony (7 posts) • 0

I am studying at YUFE,
the campus is nice, the administration is...

Some class are all new with videoprojector and internet for the teacher.
Some vietnamese ppl, laos, french (30), some american teachers,
let me know if you want to know more anthonyvernile@hotmail.com

schiva (1 post) • 0

Hey.I'm a student at this uni.
For mostly things are ok here but somehow boring, depends on what courses you are gonna teach. Connect me at rotenicole@gmail.com if you want. Thanks.

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