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Shilin (Stone Forest)

kathryn (27 posts) • 0


Has anyone been to Shilin by private minivan?

My family are arriving in Kunming and would like to see the Stone Forest. I would prefer to take them by private minivan as its easier for them.

I'm wondering if anyone knows the best way to organise a car/bus for 5 people. Should i just go to the Hump bar and enquire there?

Prices per day/hour?


WeiXue (17 posts) • 0

When I went to the Stone Forest, I took a private minivan (mian bao che) and it cost 300 for the whole day.

It's best if some hostel or someone can give you the number of a driver to arrange in advance. I knew of a place where one is sometimes sitting, so I just went there, but that's somewhat risky.

Unfortunately, I do not have a number to give you, but many foreigners who have been here for a while have one they call.

pui yee (2 posts) • 0

around rmb 200-250 per day which includes the pay of the driver and gas, you pay the entrance ticket, but for local tour will be rmb 100 per person including pick you up, mind you if you go by yourself, the ticket could cost you 140

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